Virginia Republican primary – March 6, 2012

The Virginia Super Tuesday primary was a bit of an odd one. Neither Rick Santorum, nor Newt Gingrich qualified for the ballot. This means only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul were competeting for delegates in Virginia. It was automatically assumed that Romney would crush Ron Paul without much of a hassle. While Romney did well in the delegate grab, he still failed to crack 60% of the vote running solely against Ron Paul. With only Romney and Paul on the ballot, the turnout for this GOP primary was downright pathetic.

Virginia Republican Primary – March 6, 2012 – 49 delegates (binding)
Presidential Candidate Home State Primary Votes Delegates
Mitt Romney Massachusetts 158,050 59.5% 43 88%
Ron Paul Texas 15,370 40.5% 3 6%
Others 67 0%


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Mitt Romney Newt Gingrich Rick Santorum Ron Paul
Popular Vote 1,831,529 (40%) 983,337 (28%) 1,083,276[ (24%) 506,414 (11%)
Estimated Delegates 196 51 78 56
States/territories won 8 1 4 0
Source: Wikipedia