Corrupt Congress to vote on Internet censorship bills SOPA and PIPA on January 24th

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eric-holder1If there’s one thing that brings the left and right together it’s things like this. The corrupt Senate (controlled by Democrats) and corrupt House (controlled by Republicans) are set to vote on the Internet censorship bills on Tuesday, January 24th. The Senate is set to vote on PIPA or the Protect IP Act is basically the evil twin of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) that will be voted on the same day in the Republican controlled House. Both bills would give the U.S. Department of Justice (no matter if under Obama, or a Republican president) the right to censor, block and seize Internet that they deem to be “copyright infringers.” No one can argue about the need to go after “rogue sites” that pirate movies or music, but these bills go far beyond that. It’s crap like this that Republicans (and Democrats) pull that drive people to the side of candidates like Ron Paul. So called “limited government” Republicans want to regulate and censor the Internet. Think about it. Do you want Eric Holder, or any future Attorney General in charge of regulating the ‘net? While most of the attention has been drawn to SOPA, PIPA has gotten very little attention, and the big government Republicans and Democrats are likely to pass that bill at this point, unless there’s a big uproar over it. Want to bet Fox News or CNN wouldn’t have the cajones to ask the candidates what they think of these bills during the debates next week?

There are 47 Republicans in the Senate, yet only 41 votes against the bill would stop it. It’s pretty clear most Democrats are Marxists and favor such legislation. But there are over 20 Senate Democrats up for re-election this year. Around ten of them are in red or purple states which doesn’t guarantee them re-election. The question is, are there enough of these Democrats and Republicans that haven’t been bought off for this censorship bill? Make your voices heard now!