Reddit and maybe Wikipedia to protest SOPA by going “dark” for 12 hours on January 18

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eric-holder1Reddit is set to protest the unprecedented Internet power grab by both Republicans and Democrats in Congress. According to Hot Air, Reddit will “go dark” for 12 hours to protest SOPA and PIPA on January 18th starting at 8AM eastern time. Also, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is trying to coordinate with the Reddit so that Wikipedia will do the same. The content on these two sites (and hopefully other big sites) will be replaced with the following during the 12 hour protest:

“a simple message about how the PIPA/SOPA legislation would shut down sites like (reddit), link to resources to learn more, and suggest ways to take action.”

The Obama regime gave a vague statement via, not saying that they would veto such bills, but rather “they don’t support online censorship” which we know is a load of bullsh*t. The vote is on both PIPA and SOPA are scheduled for January 24th. The Senate is hoping with all the attention that SOPA is getting, that they can slip through PIPA, which is basically a SOPA twin bill. You think the Patriot Act is bad? You ain’t seen nothing yet if these bills are signed into law.