Weak! Newsweek ponders the question: Why are Obama’s critics so dumb?

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obama-frownFrom we are all socialists now to calling Obama’s critics dumb. What else would you expect from a left wing magazine that sold for just a dollar because it’s in such bad shape? Newsweek is more suited to be used as toilet paper more than anything else these days. So which is it about Obama’s critics? Racists? Dumb? Or is it backwards rednecks?  According to Newsbusters, the article written referring to the Newsweek cover is by non other than faux conservative Andrew Sullivan. It mentions the “unhinged right” and “purist left.”

Oh also the cover says Obama is “the man with a plan.” Yea, he has a plan alright. To destroy this country and max out his vacations and White House parties. Oh and his golf outings.