Americans support religious leaders more than Obama on ObamaCARE contraception mandate according to Gallup

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drobamasteinI find it a bit ironic that far left progressive liberal Democrat Marxists claim to be the champion of women’s right, yet they support Sharia law. They claim that the ObamaCARE contraception mandate to force religious institutions to pay for women’s birth control is somehow a way that they are protecting women’s health. Yet contraception is cheap, and even for those who are poor and can’t afford it, government funded organizations like Planned Parenthood provide these contraception devices for free. According to the latest Gallup poll, both men and women support the religious leaders’ view and stance on the ObamaCARE mandate, than they do the Marxist Obama regime. But don’t worry Democrats, keep preaching the women’s health issue. I’m sure you’ll find a few rubes to believe your complete and utter bullsh*t.