Marxist New York Democrat Kathy Hochul booed over ObamaCARE contraception mandate

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democrat-logoRemember months ago when Republican Rep. of New York’s 26th district, Chris Lee resigned over his “topless” photos that made it on to the Internet? After the Marxist Democrats used a Paul Ryan look a like throwing granny off a cliff to scare people, the special election for this district went to a Marxist Democrat named Kathy Hochul. It’s one of the few mostly Republican districts in the state of New York, and was considered a “historic” win by Marxist Democrats. Of course since then, pervert Anthony Weiner was forced to resign, ans a Republican won his seat for the first time in 80 years thanks to the fact it’s a heavily Jewish district, and they know rightly that Obama hates them. Well it seems that Hochul’s constituents aren’t thrilled with her over her support for the ObamaCARE contraception mandate. Hochul was soundly booed as she spoke in favor of the ObamaCARE mandate.

Damn those religious zealots!