Obama regime’s TSA forces Amy Strand to pump her breast milk, leaving her embarrassed and humiliated

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obama-muslim-turbanChalk up another one for Obama and the Marxist Democrats looking out for “women’s rights.” According to KITV, Obama’s TSA forced passenger Amy Strand to go the bathroom and “pump her breast milk” as she was traveling with her 9 month year old daughter in Hawaii. Amy Strand obviously must fit what the Obama regime description of a high risk air traveler. White, a mother, a school vice principal, no burka, no turban, etc.

Strand with traveling with 9-month-old daughter Eva, and was carrying an electric breast feeding pump.
Strand told her she could not bring the breast pump with her because the bottles were empty.
When Strand asked for a private area to plug the machine into, to pump her breast milk, the agent reportedly told her to “go into the women’s bathroom.”
Strand said she was “embarrassed and humiliated,” when she was forced to plug into the only outlet in the women’s restroom, which was next to the sink and facing a wall of mirrors.
“I had to stand in front of the mirrors and the sinks and pump my breast, in front of every tourist that walked into that bathroom,” Strand told KITV.