Obama embraces racist, Jew hating professor Derrick Bell – Charles Ogletree brags how “we” hid the video in 2008

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obama-muslim-turbanSo another radical named Derrick Bell was a  big time pal of Obama. Who was Derrick Bell? He’s dead now, but he was a professor of Law at Harvard University. After leaving Harvard in 1992, Derrick Bell wrote a racialist, antisemitic essay called “The Space Traders” in 1994. HBO, which currently employs misogynist “comedian” Bill Maher, decided to turn this loony essay into a documentary back in the 1990s. The essay was about space aliens coming to earth. Whites would “trade” blacks to the space aliens for gold to pay off the national debt. Bell said Jews would just stand by and watch. Charles Ogletree, Barack Obama’s mentor said “We hid this throughout the 2008 campaign.” This proves yet again how corrupt the media is.

Derrick Bell also says that Jews would only help blacks for a sense of self-preservation. Bell also called Anne Frank “the symbol of Jewish hypocrisy.”

So Obama was best buds with yet another anti-semite tied to Jeremiah Wright. But remember, he has Israel’s back right? Obama has Israel’s back alright. A knife in it. Obama’s War on Jews continues.