Ann Coulter defends Robert DeNiro AND Bill Maher (Video)

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bill-maherIf Ann Coulter didn’t already lose it with her lovefest for Mittens and Chris Christie, she’s officially lost it today by defending not only Robert DeNiro and his disgusting racist comments, but even misogynistic pig Bill Maher. Of course Ann Coulter and Bill Maher are close buds, but i’m sure that’s purely a coincidence. I’ve read most of Coulter’s books, was never really a big fan of her, but I always loved her in your face attitude towards progressive liberals. These days, Coulter seems to be more in your face of conservatives who dare criticize Mitt Romney, Chris Christie and now Robert DeNiro and Bill Maher. Apparently those pointing out Maher’s disgusting comments, and pointing out the double standard in the media are “pussies” in Coulter’s world now.

“It’s not that they’ve overreacted — it’s also that we’ve overreacted,” she said. “We’re not pussies like them. We don’t care what names we’re called. We all stop whining and weeping and, ‘Oh he called me a name.’”

“No, I almost didn’t write about it because I thought that the waters had been so muddied with all the cross-charges on what people had been called. But she is my favorite kind of liberal: the hysterical drama queen.”

Then on Twitter, Ann Coulter whined about those who are pissed off at Robert DeNiro for his “Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady” crack. Again, the double standard is what is the most maddening here, yet Coulter doesn’t seem to get it. Try to imagine if a conservative had said “do you really think the country is ready for a black first lady?” What would happen? You think it would be just brushed under the rug, ignored and leftists would move on? No, they would have been tarred and feathered now. But in Coulter (and the liberals world), it’s all cool.