Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison re-writes history – says the Nazis (Germans) bombed Pearl Harbor (Video)

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keith-ellisonMaybe this is why the progressive liberal controlled school system in America is failing. Progressive liberal idiots like Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison keep changing history. You see Ellison was again defending Iran and their nuclear aspirations. He appeared last night in The Factor and argued with Bill O’Reilly. During the argument, Keith Ellison brought up the Pearl Harbor bombing and claimed that the Nazis (Germans) bombed Pearl Harbor. That’s odd. I was always told, and learned in school that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. I guess you learn something new every day from loony progressive liberal Democrats.

Video posted by Newsbusters. Leave it to Minnesota to election idiots like Ellison. I mean, this is the same state that voted for Walter Mondale in 1984 (when no other state did), elected Jesse Ventura as Governor, and assclown Al Franken as Senator. Minnesota almost makes California seem sane.