Obama has raised nearly $2 million from hate monger Spike Lee fundraisers

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spike-leeSome of Obama’s big donors are really classy individuals. You have misogynist pig Bill Maher who gave Obama’s Super-Pac $1 million. All during this whole “war on women” act, Maher’s political show is used mainly to bash conservative women. Calling Sarah Palin a dumb twat, Michele Bachmann a bimbo, or claiming Michelle Malkin named her vibrator after Obama,is just dismissed by the pink slime media and Marxist Democrats as “funny.” Yet when Rush Limbaugh calls Sandra Fluke a slut, all hell breaks lose, left wing terrorists threaten his advertisers, and the pink slime media does about 100 stories about it in a week. Then you have this whole Trayvon Martin shooting. The pink slime media is trying to blame it on race, and portray George Zimmerman as some racist white guy. But the fact is, George Zimmerman  is a Latino and even a registered Democrat. Over the past weekend Spike Lee retweeted a tweet from Marcus Davonne Higgins that was supposed to contain George Zimmerman’s address. Turns out the address that Spike Lee retweeted to 250,000+ followers was that of David and Elaine McClain, an elderly couple in their 70s. They’ve been forced to leave their home and live in a hotel out of fear for their lives thanks to the Spike Lee retweet. This is the same Spike Lee who held a fund raiser for Obama at his home back in Janurary that netted Obama almost $2 million in campaign funds. Obama should be forced to return these funds for what Spike Lee did to this innocent, elderly couple.

President Obama raised up to $1.8 million at a fundraiser last night at Spike Lee’s home in New York City.

The event was one of an incredible four Manhattan fundraisers attended in a single evening by president. Obama also held court twice at the swank Daniel restaurant in Midtown and appeared at the Apollo Theater before getting home to the White House after midnight.

The campaign did not release the fundraising total, but tickets for the Lee shindig were $35,800, according to reports, and the pool report said seating was for 50.

The Middle Class Warrior-in-Chief last August mingled with Lee at a party on Martha’s Vineyard, where the director apparently also takes his vacations during the summer.