MSNBC admits to injury on back of George Zimmerman’s head (Video)

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jesse-jacksonSo it seems like ABC doctored the tape of George Zimmerman in that police video after all. What a shock. When Obama/left wing propaganda outfit MSNBC concedes that there is some sort of injury to the back of the head of George Zimmerman, after the Daily Caller enhanced the image of Zimmerman’s head from the ABC video, the whole left wing/race hustler lie about no head injury goes down the toilet. This comes of course before NBC deceptively edited the 911 audio of George Zimmerman trying to portray him as a racist. What the hell are the pink slime media hacks trying to accomplish? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think they are trying to start a race war in this country for Obama so he could declare Martial Law and cancel the November election.