Daily Caller was right! Now ABC suddenly sees George Zimmerman head injury after ignoring it

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abcAmazing that the pink slime media like ABC finally discovers a head injury on that police tape of George Zimmerman, that they didn’t see or edited the video a week earlier. Last week the Daily Caller enhanced a photo of the police tape of George Zimmerman being lead into the police station after ABC had their “exclusive” deeming Zimmerman having no signs of injuries.  The Daily Caller photo showed a gash on the back of Zimmerman’s head, yet the pink slime media ignored it until MSNBC had to admit there was an injury. ABC also concluded in their “exclusive” video and story that Zimmerman’s head showed but no abrasions or blood. Yet today, after the Daily Caller exposed ABC for the frauds they are, suddenly ABC claims there were signs of a head injury to George Zimmerman. What an amazing coincidence in timing don’t you think? This is the same ABC that pondered on air if death threats are going too far.

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Shame on you ABC! When are you going to conduct an internal investigation? You hacks are beyond pathetic! It should be blatantly obvious by now that the progressive liberal Democrats and their usurpers in the media wouldn’t be happy until every major city in America looks like Detroit.