George Zimmerman enhanced audio 911 call – The so called racial slur of coons turns out to be COLD (Video)

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cnn-logoThe pink slime media has been exposed as trying to instigate a race war with NBC doctoring audio and ABC doctoring video of George Zimmerman to make it seem like he’s a racist and had no injuries. Today saw the first evidence that the pink slime media/progressive liberal Democrats desire for a  race war is working. Six teens beat up an elderly 78 year old white man in Ohio yelling THIS IS FOR TRAYVON. Now the pink slime media is worried. They’ve been exposed for what they truly are and are rooting for, so suddenly you see things like enhanced video from ABC showing the injury to Zimmerman’s head. One of the charges against George Zimmerman on his 911 call was that he used a racial slur while tracking Martin. Coons is a rarely used slur directed at black people, like the n word. Turns out that excuse is now gone as CNN for once did some actual journalism and enhanced the audio of the 911 call. The enhanced part of were left wing idiots claimed Zimmerman said Fcking Coons turned out to be Fcking COLD. Watch the following video and listen closely to the audio.

Maybe Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will accuse the white audio enhancer of making it sound less racist or something. If profanity offends you then don’t watch the video.