Race Hustler Congressman Emanuel Cleaver sued by Bank of America for $1.5 million for payment over car wash loan

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al-sharptonOk, so when do the cries of RACIST and the protests lead by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson begin in front of the Bank of America offices in Missouri? While the local paper (The Kansas City star) buried this story, Nicedeb (via Gateway Pundit) has exposed the Chairmam of the Congressional Black Caucus, and his $1.5 million dollar problem.

In what is certain to cause him election year migraines, the Bank of America has filed suit against Missouri Rep. Emanuel*Spittlegate* Cleaver, seeking repayment of $1.5 million from Cleaver, his wife and The Cleaver Company for a 20 year loan that originated in 2002 at a 6.25% interest rate. Cleaver has received three (3) forbearances over the ten year period.

Jacob Turk, Cleaver’s opponent in the District 5 2012 House race, noted on his Facebook page, today, that  Cleaver voted on September 23, 2010 for H.R. 5297 which ‘increases the government guarantees on SBA 7(a) loans from 75 percent to 90 percent’, in essence, putting taxpayers on the hook for his bad debt.