Mr. Civility Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison retweets then deletes Mitt Romney is a heartless douchebag

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keith-ellisonMinnesota Marxist Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison is a lot like Obama. He’s a Marxist, a phony, and calls for “civility” in the political discourse. But much like Obama, Ellison doesn’t practice what he preaches and uses inflammatory rhetoric himself. The latest example involves Allen West and Mitt Romney. Recently, Allen West made the comment that 75-80 House Democrats are probably Communists, Marxists, or socialists. Personally, I think that estimate is on the low side. Today, Ellison whined about Allen West’s comments declaring ‘Sir, have you no decency?’  But Mr. Decency Keith Ellison retweeted a follower’s comments calling Mitt Romney a ‘heartless douchebag.’ After the Washington Free Beacon, exposed Ellison’s retweet, he suddenly decided to delete it.

Elllison even had his’s Communications Director Jennifer Porter Gore responds to the Washington Free Beacon try and clean up Ellison mess after deleting the retweet. Imagine if a Republican in the House retweeted that Obama was a douchebag? Yea, you get the idea.