Bernie Madoff clone Jon Corzine still bundling campaign donations for Obama

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jon-corzine-bernie-madoff-crookWhy am I not surprised. According to Weekly Standard one of Obama’s campaign fund bundlers releases as the “most recent” includes crook, Bernie Madoff clone, Marxist Democrat and former Governor of New Jersey Jon Corzine. Yes, this is the same Jon Corzine of MF Global, that has $1.2 billion missing. Someone should check out the money given to Obama by Corzine and his “bundlers.”

Corzine, according to the Obama campaign, has once again helped raise more than $500,000.

(He was likewise named a bundler in January, when the Obama campaign last released the names of their money men.)

“MF Global and its brokerage sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy after a $6.3 billion bet on the bonds of some of Europe’s most indebted nations prompted regulator concerns and a credit rating downgrade. Corzine quit MF Global Nov. 4,” Bloomberg reported.