Sean Hannity’s Muslim pal Michael Ghouse goes on Anti-Christian rant

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ksmjk0If you watch Hannity on Fox News, or listen to Hannity’s radio program, you’ve probably heard his Muslim pal Michael Ghouse. He is the guy who sounds like he has a Koran stuck in his throat and always argues in favor of Jihadists and Islamic Extremists. It’s the same talking points no matter who he is debating against. Usually it’s Brigitte Gabriel who rips Ghouse a new asshole whenever they appear together on Hannity. Logan’s Warning posted what they claim was Michael Ghouse going on an anti-Christian rant. Considering the crap spewed from Ghouse’s mouth anytime he’s on radio or TV, I wouldn’t doubt it was him.

If our constitution were weak, or the right wing Christians were to be strong in America, they will “impose” God’s will as they interpret, on all Americans like forcing people against abortion, beat up Gay people… bomb the abortion clinics, vandalize mosques, synagogues, Catholic Churches, Hindu, Sikh or Baha’i temples etc. They will make America nearly like Saudi Arabia which is a monarchy and cannot be called an Islamic nation.

Isn’t it rich, if not ironic that what Ghouse spews is exactly what Islamic radicals and Jihadist do, and are doing all over the world? Those in glass mosques shouldn’t throw stones.