Snotty Juan Williams tells Michelle Malkin she’s just a blogger and not a real journalist, promptly gets destroyed on Hannity (Video)

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juan-williamsAgain I shake my head and wonder how any conservative could live with themselves after coming to this pathetic hack’s defense (Juan Williams) when NPR dumped his ass. Fox News scraped Williams off the ground, and gave him a multi million dollar contract to spew left wing propaganda and lick Obama’s butt. Tonighyt the arrogant Williams argued with Michelle Malkin over the Fast and Furious scandal. When Malkin brought up the Democrat hypocrisy over this issue and the Valerie Plame issue, Juan Williams had his goofy faces, whined, defended Obama and dismissed Michelle Malkin as “just a blogger.” Juan Williams referred to himself as a “real journalist.” Watch the following video of Malkin’s ownage of Williams, and check out some Tweets after the exchange from Twitchy.


Since being kicked to the curb by NPR, Williams has played the victim card over and over again. He’s spewed his anti conservative, racist propaganda on Fox without anyone calling him out. Well that is until the Fox New GOP debate when Newt Gingrich completely owned Williams that had him whining about it for weeks.