Ouch! Rush Limbaugh says Mitt Romney ‘sounded like Snow White with testicles’ at NAACP convention (Video)

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rush-limbaughA lot of Romney supporters are calling it “courageous” for him to give a speech to the racist NAACP today. Of course, when he was booed for promising to repeal ObamaCARE, the media got their soundbyte to smear him. There was absolutely NO reason for Romney to give a speech at the racist NAACP convention in Houston. Romney isn’t going to sway any black voters. 95% of them will vote for Obama, simply based on his skin color. Doesn’t seem like Rush Limbaugh was impressed with Romney’s speech either. Limbaugh said Mitt Romney sounded like Snow White with testicles. OUCH!

If there’s any group of voters Romney should be speaking to, it’s the important Latino voters. He shouldn’t waste his time at racist NAACP events.