Libor scandal may involve tax cheat Tim Geithner

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timgeithnerHmm. This is interesting, if true. The Libor scandal might involve non other than Obama’s own tax cheating Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner according to Robert Stacy McCain. According to his site, An unidentified employee of Barclays PLC told the New York Federal Reserve Bank over four years ago that the bank was filing false reports on a key interest rate. Guess who was head of the New York Fed Bank back then? None other than tax cheating Tim Geithner himself. Again, at this point it’s pure speculation, but Robert Stacy McCain isn’t just some hack that pulls false flags out of his ass. So we’ll see. Not like the pink slime media would report on it anyway if it was true.

So it’s a “what-did-he-know-and-when-did-he-know-it” kind of situation. And if I keep inserting inappropriately sexist comments into this story, it’s because people who probably wouldn’t pay attention to a complicated financial scandal might pay attention if I juice it up with a few gratuitous jabs at feminists.

Let’s face it: Amanda Marcotte doesn’t care if Tim Geithner was asleep at the switch while international bankers were wrecking the economy and robbing us blind, but she is outraged over “the epic and often confusing online battle over rape jokes” by the host of a cable TV show.

It’s a matter of priorities, you see.

Let the global economy go to ruin. The important thing is, somewhere a man is laughing, and feminism must put an end to that.