CNN liberal hack David Gergen on Bain’s payroll

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cnn-logoAnd the mask of CNN and it’s liberal bias continues to slip off. Now that it’s leaked out that CNN liberal hack David Gergen is on Bain’s payroll, he quickly decided to write a favorable article about Bain. Gergen, like the rest of the CNN hacks were quick to bag on Mitt Romney for his time at Bain, the so called important year period of 1999-2002 and the so called Bain outsourcing. By the way. If Obama and his minions in the media are so concerned with Romney’s tax returns, couldn’t Obama just get one of his new 16,500 IRS agents from Obama to look into them for him?

Gergen manages to slam Romney in his pro-Bain piece on CNN, so he’s just following orders like the rest of the lapdog media.