Obama adviser David Plouffe accepted $100,000 in speaking fees from affiliate of a company doing business with Iran (Video)

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obama2No wonder Obama wouldn’t do a thing against Iran! His cronies are taking money from companies that are affiliated with their government. Take for instance Obama adviser David Plouffe. According to Hotair, Plouffe received $100,000 i speaking fees from a subsidiary of MTN Group. They are a South Africa-based telecommunications company, and paid Plouffe for two speeches he made in Nigeria back in December 2010. MTN had been in a partnership for five years with an Iranian telecommunications firm. Now all of Obama’s sucking up to the Mullahs in Iran makes perfect sense!

Five years earlier, MTN partnered with Irancell, a state-owned telecom that wanted to expand its operations. One year later, the Bush administration’s “point man on Iran sanction enforcement” told the government of Turkey that Irancell was wholly owned by the Revolutionary Guard. One year before Plouffe’s big payday, the IRG stormed the streets and strangled the Green Revolution before it could overthrow the mullahcracy — which eventually led the Obama administration to belatedly react by increasing sanctions on Iran and especially the IRG.

In other words, Plouffe took the gig long after the US government knew about MTN’s partnership with Irancell, years after the US had determined that Irancell was owned by the same military that props up the mullahs and is working on nuclear weapons, and after its brutal crackdown. The WaPo notes that there is nothing illegal about accepting speaking fees from MTN, but taking money from a company that’s partnering with the IRG certainly prompts some hard questions about judgment by Plouffe, and in the White House itself.

Video posted by Breitbart.tv