How a CNN leftist hack debates random Twitter users – Roland Martin calls them idiots, stupid then blocks like a coward!

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roland-martinWant to know why CNN is in the toilet? It probably has something to do with the ‘talent’ they hire. You have leftist hacks like Soledad O’Brien reading verbatim leftist blog sites to spew propaganda against Paul Ryan. And you also have race hustler, Democrat shill Roland Martin bashing random Twitter users who expose his bias. He even had a Juan Williams like “you’re not a real journalist like me.” Aka, just a blogger. No kidding Roland? Unfortunatley, I don’t get paid millions of dollars to spew left wing talking points on a failing cable news network like you do on CNN. This is the same Roland Martin who was suspended earlier this year for homophobic Tweets during the Super Bowl. Obviously poor Roland still has a lot of rage he likes to take out over Twitter. It all started with this Retweet:

Then the coward Roland Martin decides to block the Twitter user for destroying him, though Martin claims he ‘shamed’ him:

Then Roland Martin went into his ‘these people aren’t real journalists’ schtick:

This is CNN.

This is also another great example of why Freedom of Speech is so wonderful. It’s lets idiots like Roland Martin show who they really are and embarrass CNN even more. I’ll bet more people read that Twitter back and forth than actually watched him on AC360 tonight.