Lily white Chris Matthews meltdown – calls Reince Prebius racist, embarrasses NBC yet again (Video)

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chris-matthews-thrill-up-his-legAs if NBC and MSNBC could get any more pathetic and desperate for Obama. NBC this year has been a joke not only in news, but in sports coverage too. Their Stanley Cup playoff coverage was horrendous, they even decided not to televise a few games of the finals. Their Olympic coverage was a running joke for two weeks. And when it comes to ‘news’ aside from their obvious Obama licking, they can’t even report right on the death of the first American to walk on the moon. Now that Obama is circling the toilet and going down in flames in the polls, their media hacks, especially Chris Matthews had a meltdown against RNC Chair Reince Prebius, throwing out the race card, the birther bs, etc.

The clip that NBC/MSNBC didn’t you want to see was Prebius responding to thrill up his leg Matthews after the segment ended.

Election night in November when Obama gets crushed by Romney really going to be fun on NBC/MSNBC (and the rest of the liberal propaganda media complex.)