Fact check: The top 10 Bill Clinton lies during DNC speech

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monica_lewinsky.jpgIsn’t it amazing that all those media organizations that rushed to ‘fact check’ Republican speeches last week have been silent so far on the propaganda spewed at the DNC convention? You can’t say you’re surprised. Thankfully. sites like Breitbart have done the media’s work again, and fact-checked BJ Bill Clinton’s speech. It was so full of lies and distortions that they only listed the top 10. There were far too many in the rambling 49 minute speech to list every single one in just one post. Here are some of the doozys:

“The Recovery Act saved or created millions of jobs and cut taxes — let me say this again — cut taxes for 95 percent of the American people.”

Saved or created means nothing. Millions means nothing. This is pure hokum. According to certain analysis of CBO data, the Recovery Act – the stimulus – cost taxpayers over $4 million per job created. And as for cutting taxes for 95% of the American people, nearly half of all Americans don’t pay federal income taxes. So how can you give them a federal tax cut? You can’t. These are redistribution checks.

“And in the last 29 months, our economy has produced about 4.5 million private-sector jobs. We could have done better, but last year the Republicans blocked the president’s job plan, costing the economy more than a million new jobs. So here’s another job score. President Obama: plus 4.5 million. Congressional Republicans: zero.”

Love this magical thinking. If President Obama created 4.5 million jobs over the last 29 months, and if we’re supposed to date responsibility for job creation from the day people take office, then Congressional Republicans, who entered office in January 2011, are responsible for the creation of 2.9 million jobs, and Democrats in Congress are responsible for a massive net loss in jobs. And once again, every time Congressional Republicans attempt to pass jobs measures, President Obama stymies them with the help of his Senate Democratic majority.