Your tax dollars at work: $70,000 spent on ad featuring Obama and Clinton denouncing ‘anti-Islam’ film in Pakistan (Video)

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obama-muslim-turbanSo Obama and Hillary Clinton continue to apologize to Muslims for some obscure Youtube video. But this time, it’s costing you! An ad featuring Obama and Hillary Clinton denouncing the so called ‘anti-Islam’ Youtube clip is now running in Pakistan! All for the low, low price of just $70,000 tax payer dollars. So lets review. Obama and his State Department apologize to Muslims after the terrorist attack at the embassy in Egypt and attack on U.S. Consulate building in Libya. Then on the day of the terrorist attacks, Obama pops off the Las Vegas to fund-raise with a bunch of leftist fat cats. For the last week, the Obama regime continued to deny that the attacks on Americans in Muslim countries were terrorism, and now we pay $70,000 to apologize to Pakistanis on their TV for the Youtube video.

BTW, shouldn’t Hillary be wearing a Burka or something? Isn’t showing her entire face an ‘insult’ to Muslims or something? It’s bad enough America has to see it.

The ad features Obama talking about ‘religious tolerance’ and Hillary Clinton again begging and pleading with Muslims that the U.S. government had nothing to do with the Youtube video.