Obama tells Candy Crowley ‘get the transcript’ – she reads from transcript during debate on ‘act of terror’ to correct Romney’s claim (Video)

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candy-crowleyWatch again the exchange between Mitt Romney and Obama during the last debate when the issue of Benghazigate came up. Listen to how Obama tells Candy Crowley to ‘get the transcript’ after Romney asks Obama if he called the Benghazi terrorist attack an ‘act of terror’ in the rose garden before he popped off the Las Vegas for a fund raiser. Like a good lapdog, Crowley retrieves the transcript to ‘correct’ Romney and protect Obama. She later appeared on the CNN post debate recap to admit Mitt Romney was in fact right that Obama never referred to the actual terrorist attack in Bengahzi as an ‘act of terror.’ But this begs the question. Why did Candy Crowley have the transcript with her in the first place, and how did Obama know she had it on her? Something very fishy went on here.

BTW, speaking of ‘fact-checking’ why didn’t Crowley ‘fact-check’ Obama when he falsely claimed that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms to women? No transcript provided there Candy?