Oh my! MSNBC-NBC hack Lawrence O’Donnell breaks out Boston accent, challenges Mitt Romney’s son, Tagg to a fight (Video)

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lawrence-odonnellLOL! The leftists are really in meltdown mode. Maybe Lawrence O’Donnell heard about Fidel Castro before his show tonight. You know, the same Lawrence O’Donnell who makes multi-million dollars per year from his MSNBC/NBC contract? Now that whacked out loon O’Donnell is challenging Mitt Romney’s son, Tagg to a fight, on live tv, during his show! Check out this video. Socialist Larry O’Donnell Vs. Tagg Romney in a fight? My money is on Romney. Watching these leftist loons lose it on November 6th is going to be so sweet! Oh, and you also gotta love when O’Donnell breaks out the phony Boston chowder-head

accent too!