Wow! CNN poll with D+11 has race tied, but Romney crushing Obama by 22 percentage points with independents !

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mitt-romney-paul-ryan-2012-logoSome people thought that as the election drew closer, these propaganda media outlets would start to use fair samples to get a real idea of where the race will be on Tuesday. But it’s gotten worse. CNN, which has been one of the worst over sampled Democrat polls outdid themselves tonight, but also revealed extremely bad news for Obama. This joke of a poll has a sample size of 41% Democrat, 30% Republican and 29% independents. 2008’s turnout in the ObamaWAVE election was 39% Democrat, 32% Republican and 29% independent. So despite the Republican enthusiasm for this election, and the Democrats lacking enthusiasm, CNN by this poll assumes more Democrats and fewer Republicans will somehow turn out to vote Obama’s ass out office. This poll has a Democrat oversample of D+11, which is an absolute joke. Projects have been between R+1 to D+1 in their best case scenario.  Still, the poll reveals at least two key factors to what will decide the election on Tuesday. Despite both candidates being tied in this joke of a poll with the oversample, Mitt Romney is crushing Obama by 22 points with independents at 59% to 37%. These numbers are similar to poll from New Hampshire last night that showed the same spread of independents breaking heavily for Romney.

Another important state from this poll even with the oversampling is on who is better equipped to handle the economy. Even with the D+11 sample, Romney leads Obama by 9 on this question and leads with both men and women. For women who aren’t just interested in getting free birth control (and that’s about 99.9999% of them), this is even more bad news for Obama.