Mitt Romney +7 in Ohio with independents according to final Gravis poll (with D+8 sample size)

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mitt-romney-paul-ryan-2012-logoHey look! Another joke of a poll to try and boost Obama’s numbers and skew the polling averages.  In 2008, the ObamaWAVE election in Ohio, the voter turnout was 39D/31R/30I. This final Gravis Ohio poll which is D+8 uses a sample of 42D/34R/24I. So basically Gravis is assume that Ohio will maintain it’s D+8 turnout from 2o08 and actually have MORE Democrats voting than in 2008. They undersample the independents by 6 points from 2008 for a very good reason. Mitt Romney is leading with independents in this poll by 7 points at 50% to 43%.  They also oversample the black vote. In 2008 it was 11% in Ohio. This poll assumes a 13% turnout of the black vote in Ohio.

So with all these numbers, they still aren’t able to get Obama to 50% in Ohio. Oh, and one more interesting stat from this poll. There are more first time voters in this election for Mitt Romney than Obama.