Pitiful Tingles Chris Matthews – I’m so glad we had that storm (Sandy) last week (Video)

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chris-matthews-tingles2I still stick with my opinion that Hurricane Sandy and Chris Christie’s love-fest of Obama didn’t alter the election in favor of Obama to give him the win last night. All the hype about the conservatives being so hyped as this election turned out to be nothing but a farce. Romney vote  didn’t even surpass John McCain’s pathetic turnout in 2008 with the ‘depressed’ Republican base election.  Catholic voted more for Obama than they did about Obama, so the whole thing about the attack on religion didn’t seem to affect anyone either. So Obama has another four years to turn this country in Greece, and the media can cream their pants for another four years.  America is changing, their are far more leeches and parasites in the country than in the previous decades, so it’s something that we have to accept. The progressive cancer has infected at least half of this country. So be it. But when idiots like Chris Matthews says he was so glad we had that storm last week (Sandy), that pisses me off. So like, over 100 dead Americans, survivors freezing, starving and having their goods looted is good? This is the mindset that has infected too many Americans and explains how Obama won last night.