Voter fraud! 129% of registered Boston vote on election day?

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obama-looks-stonedSomething stinks here, and it’s just not Gen. Petraeus and the sudden resignation. There are reports of several places showing more votes cast on election day than actual registered voters.  Lets look at Boston, Massachusetts. No one expected that dump of a city, or state to go for Mitt Romney in the election, but the math just doesn’t make much sense. If you have a motivated electorate, you typically get about 65% voter turnout. This year overall votes were way down from 2008 for both the Democrat and Republican. But how does one explain that Boston has 387,142 voters on their roll. Yet, somehow 501,282 ‘cards’ were cast on election day, a 129.48% turnout? Does the chowderhead vote count for like 1 and a half votes now or something? Check out the results yourself.

I’m not on the bandwagon (yet) that there’s enough of this around the country to have affected the outcome between Romney and Obama, but i’m starting to get suspicious the more I read about these sort of things.