Operation: #OpSLAM – Stop the Lying ass media

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cbs-nbc-abc-obama-logosAre you finally tired of the corrupt lapdog media? If you aren’t fed up by now, then you never will be. If you want to start making the media pay for their corrupt ways, Greg W. Howard has started what he calls Operation Slam (Twitter Hashtag: #OpSlam). Unlike leftists, this isn’t any sort of violent protest or anything. It’s actually quite easy, and peaceful. The key to making it as success will be to have a steady ‘drumbeat’ of consumer opposition to the media’s sponsors. The corrupt media’s sponsors must hear daily that customers are taking their business elsewhere. The sponsors must hear from a number of people all around the country, via e-mail, phone, and social media.

We will start with a smaller media outlet that is already in dire financial condition, such as MSNBC. They have recently been acquired, and they are hemorrhaging cash. They are extremely vulnerable to a boycott of their sponsors. Their holding company Comcast is already wondering whether or not to keep them on the air and would probably cut them loose were it not for fear of the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the network’s cultlike following. Let’s help it along to its inevitable grave.

Here is an updated MSNBC sponsor list posted by Howard.