Karma! Top 5 Obama donor Jon Stryker of Stryker Corporation laying off nearly 1,200 workers because of ObamaCARE

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obamacare-insertJon Stryker was one of the top five donors to the Obama campaign. Stryker donated $2 million to Obama’s Super-PaC: Priorities USA Action super PAC, and $66,000 directly to Obama. Now is company Stryker Corporation is laying off nearly 1,200 workers because of ObamaCare. Talk about karma! Next month alone (In December, before Christmas), Stryker will lay off 96 workers. Others will be laid off in the coming months. This isn’t even because of the ObamaCARE mandate that is causing a lot of businesses to lay off workers and switch full time workers to part-time. Instead, these layoffs are due to the ridiculous  medical device tax in Obamacare.

Prior to the 2012 election, Stryker contributed millions to help Democrat candidates in his home state of Michigan. He also gave nearly $250 million to groups supporting gay rights, transgenderism, and the conservation of apes. In January, his Arcus Foundation donated $23 million to Kalamazoo College for an endowment to fund a center for social justice leadership.
Stryker’s corporation is part of an industry that has been a big loser at the hands of Obamacare. Having refused to get on board with the White House and the Senate Finance Committee when the law was being crafted in 2009, the medical device industry was punished with an excise tax of 2.3% of their revenues, regardless of whether they make a profit.