Dumb ass Chris Matthews claims GOP ignorant of Science – then claims trees absorb carbon monoxide (Video)

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chris-matthews-tinglesI love it when leftist idiots make complete asses of themselves. It happens basically every second of every day, but it’s especially funny when it happens on TV. Take for example NBC/MSNBC idiot Chris Matthews. Taking the usual Democrat/liberal line about the GOP is so dumb and ignorant about science, little ole Tingles must have had his own ‘GOP’ moment. You see according to Tingles Matthews, trees absorb carbon monoxide. We learned about this in grammar school or something. That’s funny. I don’t remember ever learning that trees absorb carbon monoxide. Oh that’s right. Trees absorb carbon dioxide. And this is what’s considered ‘smart and educated’ by the leftists and Democrats. No wonder this country has gotten so stupid.