Fail! Warren Buffett to shut down two liberal newspapers he bought last year – Manassas News & Messenger and InsideNoVA – more layoffs before Xmas

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warren-buffettPoor Warren Buffett. He’d better break out his ukulele and starting playing some more ‘music’ on another Chinese network. Last year Buffett, who is described as a fan of legacy newspapers such as the Manassas News & Messenger bought the newspaper’s company as it was teetering on failing. As leftist propaganda newspapers have shown over the last five years, they are losing relevance  subscriptions, and readers. Now, the 143 year old Buffett owned  Manassas News & Messenger is being shut down by Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. No amount of jobs being lost is listed in the Washington Post article, but I doubt this leftist propaganda paper was able to employ that many as they continued to bleed money. Still, it’s just more job losses right before Christmas thanks to Obama and his pal Warren Buffett.

A left wing propaganda website called InsideNoVA was also bought by Buffett last year and is being shut down. Websites typically aren’t that expensive to maintain if they are moderate traffic which InsideNoVa probably was, so I don’t see the reason why Buffett is shutting down what WaPo describes as a ‘highly informative Web site.’