Communist-Truther-Former Obama czar plays race card on Twitter – ignores pasty whites like Biden, Jennings, Axelrod, Geithner, Bernanke, etc

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vanjonesHey remember Van Jones? The self avowed Communist, 9/11 truther and former Obama ‘green jobs’ czar? He’s great at playing the race card like all Democrats are these days. He’s like the next generation’s version of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Now, Jones is trying to imply that ‘four heroes’ are being targeted by the GOP because of their race. They are: Obama, Eric Holder, Van Jones himself and Susan Rice. Funny that Van Jones has such a high opinion of himself to refer to himself as a ‘hero.’ Hero to cop killers maybe. It’s also funny how Van Jones ignores the the criticism of Joe Biden, David Axelrod, Jay Carney, Tim Geither, Ben Bernanke, etc.

What do all of those above have in common? They are all pasty white leftist males who work for Obama that have received plenty of criticism, yet Van Jones colored shades just doesn’t see them. Keep up that race hustling Jones! Why so mad bro? Still bitter you got exposed and had to quit as an Obama czar?