Flaming Lindsey Graham will raise taxes ‘for the good of the country’

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lindsey-graham-rinoLike I’ve been saying. Let Obama and the Democrats own everything in this economy. Let the Bush tax cuts expire on everyone, let sequestration happen and lets see how the Marxist vision for the American economy performs. Personally, I’m personally sick of hearing about Grover Norquist. Republicans should stick to their conservative principals when it comes to issues like tax hikes, not special interests like Grover. The good thing here is that should flaming Lindsey Graham agree to tax hikes, he likely to be primary-ed in 2014 when he’s up for re-election. As long as the Republicans don’t nominate some dope like Todd Akin, it would be a safe Republican seat.

Flaming Lindsey Graham made his “for the good of the country,” statement on ABC’s This Week. You gotta know the leftists on that network creamed themselves when Graham said it.