Why does Joe Biden go to Costco and have a black woman push aroud his cart?

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joe-biden-dumbassSo Joe Biden decided to go to Costco today, I guess to give the appearance that he’s just an ‘average Joe’ and not some spoiled, Washington fat cat. I can understand why Biden used Costco as his prop for his little act. Costco’s ex-CEO and co-founder is a big Obama licker. But I don’t know of too many people who go to Costco and force a black woman to push the cart around for him. Is it deemed a security risk or something if the idiot Biden pushes his own cart?

Photo Credit: AP/The Blaze

Just imagine if you will that any Republican, Mitt Romney or otherwise was seen having a black woman push around a cart for him at CostCo or wherever. He has slammed by the corrupt media for pumping his own gas, this would set off the biggest race-gate ever! But again, since idiot Biden is a Democrat, it’s not even news worthy to the corrupt media.