Welcome to Obama America: Famous New York stage deli closes after 75 years in business

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obama-downgradeI guess $20 corn-beef sandwiches can’t make enough money in Obama’s America. After 75 years in business, the Stage Deli in New York is closing. One of the excuses the owners give is rent, but rent has always been outrageously high in New York. Remember that ‘The rent is too damn high’ idiot? The real reason is Obama and the coming ObamaCARE mandate for employees. As New Yorkers continue to be ignored by the federal government after Sandy and Obama’s photo ops, I’m guessing a lot wish they had their votes back.

New York is a Marxist Democrat utopia, and now the chickens are coming home to roost. California is the laughing stock of the country, soon New York will be equally as laughable.