Leftists threaten North Carolina realtor for advertising on Rush Limbaugh – Leigh Brown destroys them on Twitter

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democrat-logoI always have to laugh when leftists threaten advertisers on right wing shows like Rush Limbaugh, complaining about ‘hate radio.’ Yet these same hypocritical leftists have not one problem with left with idiots like Mike Malloy, or any of the various idiots on MSNBC. Ed Schultz has a radio show in addition to his dumb TV show and does nothing hate. Yet that’s ok for these leftist idiots. Now, they are back threatening Limbaugh’s advertisers, and one of them at least Leigh Brown of Remax isn’t taking their shit.

So what do leftists do? They do what they do best. They threaten Leigh Brown:

Then you have another idiot named ‘snoop’ who has 16,000 or so followers. Not exactly a lot by Twitter standards (my personal account has over 74,000 followers.) Snoop is threatening to tell all his/her Twitter follows to boycott McDonalds for adverting on Limbaugh’s show. Considering most of this user’s followers are likely just Twitter bots, I’m sure McDonalds is quaking in their Big Macs.