CNN now blaming culture of ‘manliness’ for Jovan Belcher murder-suicide

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cnn-obama-logoHey, not everyone could be as feminine as Anderson Cooper and bitter fruit Don Lemon. There’s all kinds of excuses coming out on the past weekend’s Jovan Belcher murder/suicde tragedy. The CNN hack who wrote this latest article is Kevin Powell, yet another left wing activist who is against the second amendment. You see, according to Powell, the problem of ‘manliness’ is what caused Jovan Belcher to do what he did over this past weekend. This, is CNN. What’s next? Should we ban NFL football? Or maybe turn it into flag football?

Belcher was a man living in the supersized macho world of football, a world in which many of us American males reside, be it football or not. Too many of us have been taught manhood in a way that is not healthy. Be tough, men do not cry, man up — these are the things I’ve heard my entire life, and I now cringe when I hear this relayed to boys or younger men by teachers, coaches, fathers, mentors and leaders.
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Or we use derogatory and sexist or homophobic words to describe men or boys who do not meet the “normal” of what a male is supposed to be. Some of these male authority figures mean well, or are simply repeating what they were socialized to be or to do, and do not realize that they are unwittingly teaching that manhood has little room to express hurt, disappointment and sorrow.

Yes, they had been arguing, Belcher and his girlfriend, but in my work as an activist, including around gender violence prevention, I’ve seen the tragic pattern across our nation of men who, in the heat of rage, have killed their girlfriends, wives or lovers, as if they had no other vocabulary or emotion to deal with the disagreement or the break-up.