Fox News leftist hack Kirsten Powers defends Bob Costas – says Jovan Belcher shouldn’t have had a gun (Video)

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kirsten-powers-leftistKirsten Powers reminds me a lot of a Jake Tapper. Both are Obama shills, left wing Democrat hacks. Yet many conservatives are fooled by them sometimes asking tough questions, or stating obvious truths that they are ‘fair’ and not Obama lickers like the rest of the media. The discussion today was about Bob Costas politicizing Jovan Belcher’s murder/suicide yesterday. Costas went on an anti-Gun rant during half-time like most leftists did, to try and politicizing the Jovan Belcher tragedy. As usual Kirsten Powers defended Costas and said Jovan Belcher should have been allowed to own a gun. This, despite the fact Belcher (before yesterday) had no criminal past or history of domestic violence. Of course, this is the same Kirsten Powers who used to do Anthony Weiner.