Obama has MSNBC propagandists Al Sharpton, socialist Lawrence O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow at White House to discuss ‘tax rates’

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butch-rachel-maddowBad news for tingle leg Chris Matthews. Obama must not think much of him. But apparently Obama has high regard for MSNBC propagandist and race hustlers Al Sharpton and Rachel Maddow. Oh and throw in admitted socialist  Lawrence O’Donnell. For some odd reason, Obama invited these two hacks to the White House to discuss ‘tax rates.’ Shouldn’t Obama be inviting Congress to the White House to discuss tax rates? Nah, it’s more important to meet with what the Huffington Compost deems ‘influential progressives.’

Why not time for Tingles Mr. President? How about Andrea Mitchell? Too dried up for you? Surely you could have met with Morning Joe and Mika too! And how could he leave out Ed Schultz?