Washington Post Dana Milbank bashes Romney for going to work for Marriott as Obama bumbles and stumbles towards fiscal cliff

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mitt_romney_2012Damned if it he, damned if he doesn’t. Had Americans actually elected Mitt Romney instead of the clownshow known as Obama, we might not be on the brink of the fiscal cliff and another deep recession. But alas, Americans chose Obama over Romney because Romney lacked ‘charisma.’ Romney was bashed by the media as being the rich, out of touch white guy who couldn’t relate to the average American’s problems, unlike Obama. Now that the election is over, Mitt Romney has gone to work for Marriott, and he still can’t escape being bashed by the corrupt media. Washington Post hack Dana Milbank is now whining that Mitt Romney is going to work for Marriott while instead of helping Obama avoid the fiscal cliff. Why the hell should Mitt Romney offer Obama any help? After Romney was smeared, slandered, called murderer and felon by Obama’s ‘team,’ he’s expected to help Obama now? This is why the media, and the country is a joke. Personally, Romney was more cordial than I would have been, having lunch with Obama last week. I would have flipped Obama the bird. But Milbank and the Washington Post think it’s somehow Romney’s responsibility to be president even though he lost the election after all the smears. He even bashed Romney for pumping his own gas, going to Disneyland with his wife, and driving around in an Audi. And you wonder why newspapers are being used for little more than toilet paper these days?

Oh, and Milbank also bashed Romney for having the nerve for making $170,000 with Marriott because ‘he doesn’t need the money.’

Mitt Romney was not my first, second, or even third choice for the GOP nominee, but I supported him when he won it, and actually gained some respect for him during the campaign. These media piles of feces need a dose of reality. Eventually the Washington Post will fade away like a lot of other leftist propaganda rags. Maybe Milbank will find a job on NBC. It’s time for the media’s messiah to put his big boy pants on and actually negotiate in good faith with Republicans on the fiscal cliff, not invite over MSNBC leftist propaganda artists over to discuss things.