W00t! George Zimmerman suing NBC over deceptively edited video to make him sound like a ‘hostile racist’

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nbc-obama-logoMaybe there is some justice in this world.  You probably recall earlier in the year after the Travon Martin shooting, leftists in the media tried to attack George Zimmerman as a ‘white-Hispanic’ who was racist against blacks and that’s why he shot Trayvon Martin, not because he was protecting himself. NBC deceptively edited the recording of the 911 call placed by Zimmerman the night of the shooting. NBC cut out the part where the dispatcher asks Zimmerman if the suspect (Martin) was white, black or Hispanic, leaving Zimmerman’s ‘he looks black’ in their video making him sound racist. Now, it’s payback time as Zimmerman is suing NBC over the deceptively edited video to make him sound like a ‘hostile racist.’

Though it might feel like a hundred years ago, it was only last April when the media joined Barack Obama’s cynical crusade to gin up his base in Florida through the artificial enflaming of racial tensions. And there was no question NBC News was the worst of these co-conspirators after the network was busted editing a 9-1-1 call to make Trayvon Martin’s suspected shooter, George Zimmerman, look like a racist. Today, Zimmerman filed suit against the Peacock Network.