U.S. consumer sentiment falls off the fiscal-cliff in December despite phony job numbers – 49,000 few jobs added in September and October

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obama-laughingSlip sliding away. The idiots who voted to re-elect Obama last months aren’t exactly confident in his ability to fix the economy. So much so that consumer sentiment fell off the fiscal cliff this month to 74.5 from 82.7 last month. So called experts were expecting a reading of 82.0. Isn’t it amazing how these numbers all come out right after the election? Either there are 64 million dumb Americans, or the propaganda media has fooled them. Today was also the November jobs report, only showing 146,000 jobs added November, yet somehow dropping the unemployment rate by 0.2%. You need about 300,000 new jobs added every month just to keep up with new people joining the workforce, or at least you used to before the Obama malaise set in. Also, in another amazing coincidence, 49,000 fewer jobs were added in September and October than originally reported. But don’t expect the corrupt propaganda media to report this.

Have fun America. You voted for four more years of this. This is just the start. Remember, already 100,000 have been chopped off since Obama’s ‘win.’