Leftist Newsweek cuts over 50 jobs, sends letter to jobless summed up in four words: ‘Happy holidays. You’re fired.’

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democrat-commiesHoHoHo. Home for the ‘holidays’ for more left wing hacks who previously had jobs at NewsWEAK. The failing leftist magazine is cutting over 50 jobs just before Christmas, and informed those cut with a letter from Tina Brown which could be summed up in four words:  ‘Happy holidays. You’re fired.’ Too bad, so sad, bye bye.

Things have really come full circle for the perpetually troubled liberal magazine Newsweek, since it infamously smeared Newt Gingrich on its cover as “the Gingrich who stole Christmas.” Eighteen years later, Newsweek is literally doing that to more than 50 employees it fired on Friday.

The pink-slipped staff for the Newsweek/Daily Beast Company received a letter from Editor-in-Chief Tina Brown and Chief Executive Officer Baba Shetty on Friday that can be summed up in four words: “Happy holidays. You’re fired.”

The email announcement that as many as half of the people on the editorial staff are losing their jobs has drawn comments ranging from “a sad day” to “the best news I’ve heard all afternoon.”