NBC forces Youtube to scrub videos of Jamie Foxx bragging about getting to kill all white people on SNL (Video)

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nbcHaha. This is like so funny or something. Well, this is what passes as ‘humor’ these days. Jamie Foxx, the scrub who was once funny on In Living Color some 20 years ago is still around for whatever reason. A few weeks ago he was jizzing about Obama calling him his lord and savior. Last night, he was on Saturday Night Live (amazingly, also not funny since about 20 years ago either.) Foxx again jizzed about Obama on Saturday Night Live on NBC, a perfect place for that. But he also bragged about ‘blackness’ and getting too ‘kill all the white people’ in some D-list movie he’s in. Imagine for a second, any lily white comedian going on about how white he is and bragging about killing blacks. Yea.. Anyway, Gateway Pundit originally linked to a video of Foxx’s ‘humor’ on Youtube, but NBC had it scrubbed due to ‘copyright reasons.’ Yet, it’s just a clip, and not the entire episode, so it should fall under the ‘fair use’ doctoring anyway. Plus, NBC has the video in their own site anyway and allows embedding. Yea! Lets kill whitey! Forgive me if I forgot to laugh.